Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's been a while...

...so I guess it's time to play catch up.  The holidays went pretty well with relatives coming and going.  Not everything went as planned but honestly when do things ever go as planned especially with so many people involved. (LOL) ;-P  Still spending time with family was definitely a plus. 
We are down to only one guest at the moment, however we will be having an uncle and his friend over for a couple of days this week.  We haven't seen him since the funeral so it should be a fun, low stress visit this time around. 
Tom and I are definitely looking forward to the day when we are living by ourselves again.  Then, we will be able to work on us and what we want.  I'm sure things won't go back to the way they were before everything changed, so we will need to adjust to a new normal.  We have certainly grown a lot in the last year and now we will work towards finding a new balance that works for us.  There are definitely some new things we would like to try and I am full of nervous excitment. It will certainly be different. :-)


  1. Best Wishes for the new year and positive thoughts for getting through this trying time.

  2. Leigh - Best wishes to you as well! Thanks!


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