Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Implement(s)!

Before my shower last night, Tom asked me, "Do we still have the ankle and wrist restraints?" 
I eyed him curiously from the bathroom and said, "The set that is connected under the mattress? It was still there the last time I checked.  Why?" 
"Good, because after we have our showers I'm going to tie you down to the bed.  We are going to try our new riding crop tonight." 
I smiled and got pretty excited thinking about what was going to happen while I took my shower.  I got out and started browsing the web on my tablet while he showered.  Then, he joined me in the bedroom and pulled out the new hand-shaped crop. 
He swished it through the air to get a feel for it.  I rolled over and offered him a target.  He rested the tip on my bottom and gave me a pop with the flick of his wrist.  As he got more confident in handling the crop, he varied the strength and peppered my bottom.  He asked me, "How does it feel?" 
"Good," I replied.  Then, I watched him give himself a swat on his thigh.  His reaction was very funny to me.  I could punch my guy in the arm and he wouldn't bat an eye, but he definitely flinched from the little slap of the crop that he gave himself.  I laughed. 
He looked over and said, "I definitely admire you."  He has always been amazed at the amount of punishment I can endure. 
He walked around the bed and pulled the wrist and ankle restraints out from under the corners of the mattress.  He said aloud, "I could have you face the headboard or the dresser..." 
I added, "Yep, or that way or that way.  It's totally up to you." 
"I know that and I'll decide," he said with an edge in his voice and a pop to my rear.  "I want you to face the dresser and put a pillow under you."  He handed me one of those thick pillows that you lean against while sitting.  I positioned myself over it. I could feel myself getting wet knowing that my bottom was elevated for him to do with as he wanted. He tied my ankles first and then my arms (the cuffs adjust) but he made sure to leave me enough slack to get on my hands and knees if he wanted. 
He stood in front of me and leaned over to caress my backside.  I took advantage of the situation and rubbed my cheek against his manhood.  Then, I started to kiss him and tease the tip with my lips and tongue. He slid a finger down my crevice and found the wetness that I knew was already there. 
He pulled away and popped me a few times before walking around to the other side of the bed behind me.  He put the crop down and leaned against me. Oh, how I wanted him right then.  He teased my opening and smacked my bottom with his hand.  I tried to push back against him, but he was in control.  He spanked a few more times before he slid in ever so slowly.  It was amazing - my sense of touch had heightened all because I wasn't allowed to move.  I could feel myself stretching as he slid all the way in.  He decided on a slow, deliberate pace and he spanked me every time he pulled back.  The sensations were wonderful. 
At this slower pace, I found that I could control my pelvic floor muscles more deliberately, so I concentrated on squeezing as he was pulling back. I heard him moan and felt his release as he pumped into me. 
He untied me and told me to get my vibrator.  He slid his finger inside me and gently stroked. He watched my reactions until he found my g-spot.  Then, he firmly  massaged it using a come-hither motion until I reached my earth-shattering release. I shut off the vibrator and collapsed into the bed enjoying the climax-induced high. 
Side Notes: 
Riding Crop - We bought the riding crop at our local Tractor Supply at the suggestion of an anonymous comment on Erica's blog.  It was definitely a surprise to find a crop available so close to home as our nearest adult store is a 30 minute drive.  Also, it was actually cheaper at $14.99 than most of the ones available online or in an adult shop. 
Bath Brush - I found a bamboo bath brush at my local Rite Aid!  I actually went in to look for cough medicine. I wandered passed the bath stuff and the bath brush caught my eye.  Every time I've looked for one so far, they usually have this extruded rectangle on what should be a flat surface so I don't buy it because I don't care to feel what it's like getting whacked with that much of an uneven surface.  This bath brush, however, was perfectly smooth, so I bought it for $6.99!  I excitedly showed it to Tom a few nights ago and he tried it out on my vulnerable rearend. Surprisingly, it packs a lot of unyielding sting, and it's almost too much to handle without a warm up! Speaking of the handle, Tom also tried a few smacks with that end which also worked quite well. 
The verdict?  We both love our new implements! :-D
(I'm posting from my phone, so I will add links later.)


  1. What a wonderful scene. Must have made you feel very submissive and controlled. Thanks for sharing and will look forward to you continuing to share your journey in the lifestyle.


  2. Niiiiiiice! So glad you found a crop you like, and such a good price, too. As for bath brushes, they need to burn. All of them.

  3. Glad you're enjoying your new implements. Sounds like a wonderful night!

  4. As I said on Erica's blog, the crops you get at tractor supply are designed for horses. They work wonders on a cute female bottom. Glad you had fun.

  5. FD - Thanks for stopping by! Yes, those feelings definitely led to my excitement.

    Leigh - Yes! :-)

    Erica - Thanks! I enjoy the bath brush more if my rearend is actually warmed up...unfortunately, it doesn't always happen that way, but I really can't complain because I still end up enjoying it anyway. Since I got these two for such a good deal, I'm still going to get the leather strap you mentioned. I'm way too excited, LOL.

    Clara - Thank you and welcome! It really was a wonderful evening.

    Anonymous - Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. What a great night. We recently got a crop and it's great. Unfortunately our Tractor Supply didn't have any so it had to be ordered. We have a fetish store close but it carries cheap crap so most everything we have has been purchased on line. Have fun.

  7. SGT - Thanks! We definitely are having more fun now that we don't have kids and other people around as often.

  8. My first spanking implement was a lovely brown leather crop. We too picked it up from a saddlery rather than an adult shop. Just love it.

  9. DtBHC - I really like ours, too!


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