Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh, the irony!

Last night, my fiancé decided to have a frank discussion about the possibility of the police being called so that if it ever happened we wouldn't be caught completely off guard.  We live on private lane and our closest neighbor is about 100 ft away, so I assumed it would be pretty unlikely that it would ever happen while we were at home.  I mean definitely more likely at a hotel or if we ever had to live in an apartment, but almost certainly not at our brick, single-family home. …Well, ironically, the sheriff department showed up on our street at 10:45pm!


We had just finished seriously discussing what could happen should any officers of the law ever get called to investigate our personal activities.  After that riveting discussion, I wasn’t really in the mood to play, so we went to take quick showers and get ready for bed.  I slipped into bed just before he came into the bedroom with the intent to drift off to sleep.

Then, the love of my life walked in and had apparently decided that I needed a long and hard spanking with the faux leather side of a paddle. Did I deserve it? Yes, I definitely had to admit it that I did.  I had been moping around all evening because we didn't get a chance to play the previous night and then we had that stressful, mood-killing discussion only half an hour ago.  So, yes, I deserved it and I was willing to accept that I needed it to relieve some tension.

He told me turn over so that I was facedown, bottom up on the bed.  For the first time ever, he started pretty hard and fast.  It wasn't long before I was wiggling, shutting my eyes, and squeezing the stuffing out of the nearest pillow.  It felt like he was a man on a mission and the only objective involved was to see how fast my rear end could feel the burn. At some point, he whispered in my ear, “It’s ok to say, ‘ouch,’ honey.” I've never been very verbal before but the whispered sound, "Ah," and some strained groaning definitely escaped my lips several times before it was over.

The experience was certainly intense, but I wasn't regretting any of it - the pain, the acceptance, the letting go.  It was exactly what I needed.  He was in complete control and I didn’t have a care in the world.  I could focus on being in the moment. Once he decided it was over, we moved on to more feel-good activities and I was more than ready.  The reconnection we had and relief I felt was amazing.

Just as we were finishing up, my cell phone went off.  I got up to answer it.  My mom was on the other end.  Apparently, there were a few officers parked along the street by our house.  She and my dad had just finished speaking with them, and they said that they were responding to a domestic violence call.  Uh-oh!  My parents told the numbers on the four houses down the street and sent them to the dead end where they assumed was the source of the disturbance.  At that point, I hung up the phone and we got dressed in case the officers decided came back to ask us any questions since we still weren’t sure who called them and which house they were actually looking for.

Sure enough, we walked outside to a couple more deputies wandering back to their vehicles across our front yard.  Apparently, they were just taking a look around the wooded area on my land in case the there was someone lurking around.  That’s when we found out that there was a domestic dispute at the end of the road…something about too much to drink and the woman’s boyfriend slapped her.  Now, I am in no way condoning any non-consensual activity like the situation for which the sheriff’s department was called and I do believe they should be called, but I was and am still definitely relieved they were not called out here because some neighbors somehow managed to hear our very consensual activities.

After breathing a sigh of relief, neither of us could believe the irony!  We just had a discussion about the possibility of officers showing up, and then just as we are finishing up the spanking activities, the sheriff’s department appears on our street for a domestic violence call.  What kind of coincidence is that?!


  1. Now THAT is funny, although I'm sure it scared the bejesus out of you two at the time!

    John and I have had the police called on us three times. Yes, three.

  2. Erica - Oh, that's right! To add to the irony, I also had just finished reading about those incidents in your book over the weekend!

  3. Yikes! That was a close call. Very ironic!


  4. Hermione - It was definitely a nerve-wreckingly close call!



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