Monday, January 12, 2015

No date night yet, but we still had fun this weekend.

Instead of going on our date Friday night, we postponed it and decided to take the boys for a couple of hours and let their parents go out to dinner or see a movie. We still aren't entirely sure when we will have our date but it will happen eventually.  We've both been pretty tired so it is hard to pick an evening when we don't know if we can actually stay awake through the whole movie.  For now, we will aim for this Friday or Saturday. 
Last Saturday, we went to visit Tom's mom and tow a car back that Tom's brother will use (one with kids).  We also ended up picking up a couple of tool chests for Tom and a few furniture pieces for his brother.  On the way back home, Tom started to get very tired so I offered to drive.  He took an exit and we switched out at the stop sign.  I drove the truck and 20 foot loaded trailer the rest of the way home.  I know some women have a lot of trouble towing something, but I'm proud to say that I am not one of them. :-D  In fact, Tom and his brother apparently felt so safe with me that they both fell asleep during the entire time I was driving...LOL.
After we unloaded everything and his brother went home, we went inside to eat dinner and take showers.  I warmed up some beef stew that my mom had made and put some apple tarts in the oven for dessert.  I was really hungry so everything tasted delicious. 
After dinner, I headed for the shower and then went into the living room to watch some TV as we hadn't planned to do anything else.  When Tom finished his shower, he joined me on the couch.

He leaned toward me and asked, "Did you bring any of the paddles?" 
I shook my head and shrugged, "I wasn't really thinking about it." 
He said, "Do you need me to always tell you when to bring the paddles out?" 
I just shrugged, not really into it. 
He leaned in more and whispered in my ear, "I'm going to spank you with my hand just so you know that I can and will spank you with or without a paddle and even when you may not want it."  I smiled.
He had me face down, bottom up on the couch rather quickly.  Smack! That was rather stingy! Spank! Oh, how I missed his hand. Smack! I thrust my bottom up some more.  Smack! Mmm, the delicious mix of sting and thud his hand can produce! Ouch! Yes!  How could I have thought that I didn't want this tonight? Yikes! Not all in one spot! Ouf, yes, I supposed you needed to get the other side too after that. 
We were both getting excited, so he followed me into the bedroom.  I think he likes to follow me so he can give me a good pop if I'm moving to slowly and because he likes looking at my ass.  I certainly don't mind either reason. ;-) 
He spanked me a few more times before entering me roughly from behind.  I pressed my vibrator against my front while he slammed into me.  Oh, it felt so good! Just after he reached his climax he had me roll onto my back.  With the vibrator still going, he slipped in a finger and started to stroke my internal feel-good spot.  It didn't take long for me to reach mine like this. 
As I was coming down, I heard him say, "You're so beautiful."  I gave him a shy, goofy smile.  I have no idea why, but he really enjoys watching me. :-)

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