Friday, January 9, 2015

Constant state of flux.

On Wednesday, we spent all day getting really excited about being alone together.  After work, we planned to organize Tom's workshop area together...but his brother and the boys showed up so they could get out of their house for a little while and come visit........neither of us were too happy, but they are family.  So, the kids ate McDonad's chicken nuggets while Tom and his brother organized the tools that were on the floor.  I just sat on the floor while the little one got into everything and the older one was trying to not freeze to death - it was in the 20's and the workshop only has a small electric heater.  At some point, they finally decided to go home and we went inside to shower. 
We went into the living room where Tom decided to have me bend over facing the couch with my hands on the seat cushions.  He used the double strap just a little too hard at first but adjusted quickly.  In no time at all, I could take the harder swings and relax into them while he could let out some frustration.  The change of scenery was nice, but we soon found ourselves back in the bedroom for some hard and fast loving.  By the end of the evening, I know I was seeing stars. :-D 
We have been talking about going out to dinner recently, so last night (before receiving a hand spanking for teasing him which of course led to some wonderfully exciting sex), we decided we would have a date night this Friday (today).  Our plan is to have dinner at Logan's Roadhouse and then go to the movies to see Taken 3. 
...and then I just got a phone call about us babysitting the boys after our movie so that the parents can go out to a movie as well. (sigh)  Now, I just need to figure out if we want the kids to come over or if we want to go over to their place.  I think my preference would be for the kids to come over since we have TV and internet.  Honestly, I think I'd rather move our date night, but it'll work out whatever we decide... 
Anyway, as you can see, it's never a dull moment around here. :-P


  1. I know right? Real life sometimes gets in the way

  2. sub hub - It certainly can get in the way. Lately, it has been more often than not.


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