Monday, June 30, 2014

Just life...

We are in the process of getting my parents moved in next door and we really only have the rest of this week to get them functioning up there.  You might ask why do we suddenly have only a week left to make this happen?  Because we've had to wait two months in just getting the double-wide home delivered and set up.  In fact, we are still waiting on the carpet guy to tack down the carpet!  Then, we've had to pack everything and carry or drive their stuff 100 feet from where they were to where they are now.  It has been a royal pain in the ass (unfortunately, not the good kind).

But why does it need to be mostly done by next week? Because we have relatives coming!  My aunt from Ireland is stopping in for a couple of months and my brother and his family of six (wife and four kids) are visiting for few days.  They are all staying up at my parents new home.  Around the same time, my stepdaughter is coming down for a couple of weeks to visit us.  So...that makes 15 people on my little 2.9 acre estate...for more than one night!  There's just so much to do before everyone arrives and that's why I'm feeling so on edge.

Plus, with all these relatives wandering around, any time for percussive play will probably be non-existent.  That means, we need to try to fit some "us" time into this hectic schedule before everyone arrives.  Think it will happen?  I sure hope so.  In lieu of everyone arriving, I actually placed another order from Cane-iac and I'm hoping it'll be here before the weekend.  Fingers crossed, it'll show up in time for us to play.

Also, I still have to try to at least make my house's still mostly full of my parent's stuff or stuff that needs to be sold or donated.  We've been waiting to do the rest of the unpacking and cleaning at my house because we were planning on moving everything around to the proper houses and putting things away, but with it being so last minute, I don't think much is going to get done down here.  :-/ (sigh)  No point in getting too stressed out about what I can't control, but when has that ever stopped me?


  1. OK, my dear -- just reading that gave me an anxiety attack. That's a lot to handle, for anyone. So give yourself a break, deep breaths, and one minute at a time. And when the stress gets to you, bitch to us!

  2. Good grief. I hope you find a way to unwind a little every now and then. I try to give my honey a little heads up by asking him to turn up the "sir" a few notches...meaning, be more bossy and dominant and find little ways to make me feel like you're not going to let me fall apart.

  3. Erica - Thanks! There's just so much to do that I don't have a clue what to do from one minute to the next...

    Brat - Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about!

  4. Hi Jay,

    That sounds like quite a predicament. But perhaps there's an opportunity here. I say let's put these people to work! The younger ones can carry and the older ones can arrange and set up. Send the annoying ones off to donate unwanted items or to retrieve dinner for the hoard.

    In any case, I hope your delivery arrived in time for some not-so-quiet quiet time.


  5. Bonnie - Thanks for the laugh! Luckily all these people won't only be at my house, but I'm sure we can come up with some things to keep them busy. :-)

    Also, the delivery arrived on Thursday which gave us some time to at least try the new toys. I'm looking forward to when we can have another chance...but that might not be for another couple of weeks. :-/


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