Friday, June 13, 2014

Wanting It All

So, speaking of wanting it all, there is a twelve-chapter story on Literotica that I really got into at the end of last year.  It's appropriately titled Wanting It All by LB Grant.  This well-written story touches on many facets of BDSM and TTWD.  Some scenes appealed to me and others definitely stretched my limits. However, LB has the ability to keep you engaged and connected with each of the characters even through harder, more intense scenes.

Throughout the story, there is never a dull moment even in-between the scenes.  She uses this normally uneventful space to allow for a natural progression in the storyline and to create connections among the various characters.  Before you know it, you are suddenly emotionally invested.  You want - no, you need everything to magically work out for everyone involved.

This story shows why open communication is so important in relationships.  It shows why some secrets and personal desires are meant to be shared especially with someone you love and trust.  It clearly shows the importance of safewords and the difference between consent and abuse - although it could be argued that you cannot make things right by two wrongs (cheating + borderline consent/non-consent punishment normally does not = happily ever after). Even so, the story is certainly intriguing.

Personally, there were two things that really appealed to me - 1) Every character has a chance to examine his/her own faults and how each had a hand in how they got to where they are today.  Each person looks back on his/her experiences and learns from them. 2) At some point, two of the Doms (as well as the women themselves) realize that they actually have no desire to change the women they love from who they are.  The women are strong-willed, opinionated, and independent, but sometimes they need a strong, level-headed man to take them in hand and give them what they desire.  They all learn that they don't want to lose the playful banter and sassiness that easily go back and forth during normal every day activities, but sometimes, especially in the bedroom, they want to play.  In other words, they "want it all."

Overall, I recommend giving this story a try.  Just remember some scenes are a little tough to get through (try to skim/skip over them if they are too much for you) because I promise it does get better and some scenes at the end are very good learning experiences for everyone.

All scenes are M/F.  Some scenes I would classify as somewhat hardcore, especially for some. Almost all scenes include bondage, some non-consent/reluctance, some anal play, minor ageplay, one gynecological doctor scene, Domination/submission, power exchange, domestic discipline, etc.

The first chapter starts off with a pretty heavy scene where the main character, Brianna, is in the middle of cheating on her husband with her ex-boyfriend.  It very quickly goes from consensual spanking play to non-consensual sex.  Now, normally stories that begin like this, I do not get into because it's just not my cup o' tea, but I decided to stick with it and kept reading.

Over the next couple chapters, Brianna is found out by her husband who takes her to be punished at a local dungeon where he just so happens to know the owner (look who else is keeping secrets?!).

Once her husband leaves, Brianna is coerced (mostly through guilt) into signing an agreement to proceed with being punished.  So, it starts.  Intermixed with phases of her punishment, you begin to understand why Brianna did what she did.  You are also introduced to her husband's past and find out how secretive everyone has been up to this point.

As secrets are revealed and pasts are analyzed, more characters get involved and suddenly it's considerably more complicated than a single couple's marital problems.  Emotions run high, inner demons are fought, limits are pushed, and trust must be rebuilt.  After the climax of the story (which is chalk full of emotional turmoil for both the characters and the reader - that's the only warning you'll get from me), you get to see love and trust begin anew and you will bear witness to an experienced dom gently introducing a newbie to the scene.  You'll be exposed to a softer, loving side of D/s which is exactly what we all need to wind down.

As one crazy weekend of Wanting It All comes to a close, I for one cannot wait until the next story comes out where we actually get a taste of Having It All.

I'd like to openly thank LB Grant for the exciting ride that she has provided us with so far!

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